Unlike some residents, Brent, a father of three, asked to be committed to McNeil Island Corrections Center after he was arrested. Over the years, he says he's molested more than 40 children...but never his own.

When Brent, a sexual abuse survivor himself, was around children he was attracted to, he says he would experience sexual preoccupation. "[I was] putting them in a role, elevating them to like a partner instead of seeing them as a child," he says.

Before his confinement, Brent says he would go to great lengths to spend time with his victims. He even sought them out at church. "Some of my victims attended the same church that I did," he says. "So that was a place for me to go and spend time with them."

With almost every victim—up to 98 percent—Brent says the assaults involved sexual penetration.

"If you are able to get off this island, do you think you'll ever be able to be around children?" Lisa asks.

"Realistically? Probably not. Not in the sense of having interpersonal relationships," he says. "I never offended against my children. They're adults now. But to be around say, my grandkids? No. My nephews? Nieces? No. No. That's not an option, and that's a tough one to take."


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