After docking on McNeil Island, Lisa tours the $60 million facility with Kelly. First, she visits the control center where guards monitor 200 security cameras. "There are only three other facilities in the country that have a similar system," Kelly says. "They're all super max prisons."

Despite the need for high-level security, most residents roam freely around the 5-acre campus. Though they're allowed more freedom than prison inmates, all residents must follow some strict rules. Phone calls and Internet use are strictly monitored, and sex with other residents is forbidden.

"Something as seemingly benign as a catalog isn't allowed," Kelly says. "We've had residents take those catalogs and tear out the pictures of the little kids in their underwear and use them for deviant fantasies."

Lisa learns that about 60 percent of McNeil Island's residents are pedophiles. "This assignment was certainly one of the most disturbing assignments of my career, especially to be amongst so many people with literally thousands of offenses toward children," she says. "But I really tried to approach this with an open mind. ... I believe the only way to be able to treat this issue is if we understand the behavior."


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