Nine months later, Sarah says she has good days and bad days. "I've learned that this is something that I can't change, and it's not a bad dream," she says. "I'm trying to move forward with the rest of my life."

She says she came forward because she wanted to reclaim the power she was stripped of. "I want people to know the truth as to what really took place that morning," she says. "I also want women to know that you can have the strength and the power to overcome something of this sort. ... I can become a better person because of what has happened, and it does not define the person that I am."

After coming under fire for sexual ads, Craigslist removed the "adult services" section from its U.S. website. But authorities say crimes like this one can happen on any social network. The FBI recommends that people don't post photos or any personal information online.


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