Sarah believes Stipe posted the ad about her on Craigslist because he was angry she had gotten engaged to her fiancé. "He just kept telling me that he didn't think I was ready to get married, and I believe that he wanted Ian and me to break up."

But Sarah says she didn't know that Stipe was behind the Craigslist ad until after her attack. "While I was still in the emergency room, my fiancé, Ian, had gone back to the house to get my glasses, and there was a second man standing in the living room with a camera set," Sarah says. "[Ian] was asked why he was there, and at that point he said that he had received an email from a J. Stipe." Only then did Sarah learn that her ex had orchestrated the whole thing.

According to police, 161 people responded to the fraudulent Craigslist ad. "I was only aware that 20 people had actually responded and [that Stipe] had set up several dates and times for people to come to my house and do this to me," Sarah says. "I never imagined that there would be people like that out there that would hurt others."


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