In December 2009, Sarah was attacked at her Wyoming home. "Somebody was behind me, and they grabbed me around the shoulders and pushed me inside the house. His words to me were: 'You wanted an aggressive man, bitch. Here I am,'" Sarah says. "I begged him to stop."

Sarah tried to fight back, but her 4'11" frame was no match for her male attacker, who blindfolded her, bound her wrists and ankles with rope and ripped off her clothes. For 30 minutes, Sarah was viciously raped. Her attacker told her that if she didn't stop trying to get away, he would kill her. At one point, he even held a knife to her throat.

The man who raped Sarah was 26-year-old Ty McDowell, a married father of two who worked as a radiology technician at the local hospital. McDowell told detectives he thought he was fulfilling Sarah's rape fantasy.

After her attack, Sarah immediately called the police. A local sergeant said her 911 call was one of the worst he'd ever heard. One of the nurses who cared for Sarah said her injuries were some of the most severe she'd ever seen on a sexual assault victim. "I feel that pain all the time," Sarah says. "I can still remember every detail that went along with it."

Sarah's attacker pled guilty to sexual assault and was sentenced to at least 60 years in prison. Sarah's ex-boyfriend, Jebediah Stipe, admitted to posting the ad using her identity and was also sentenced to at least 60 years in prison.


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