His undeniable talent, charm and rugged good looks have rocketed country singer Keith Urban to global superstardom.

Raised in Queensland, Australia, Keith's passion for music started early on. When he was just 6 years old, Keith picked up his first guitar—and the rest is music history. Keith scored four number one hits in Australia before taking his act to Nashville in 1992. To date, Keith has had 11 number one hits, won three Grammys® and snagged every award country music has to offer.

In 2005, Keith was busy performing for his devoted fans and writing music when he found love. He married fellow Aussie Nicole Kidman, an Oscar®-winning actress, the following year.

His latest album, Get Closer, is a musical love letter to Nicole, the mother of his daughter, Sunday Rose. "I didn't even know I was such a big fan until I listened to that CD, Get Closer. That is something," Oprah says. "I can feel your heart in every song."

Watch Keith perform "Put You in a Song." Watch

Keith says it was a joy to make the record. "I think the most enjoyable record I've ever made," he says. "Things have lined up, absolutely. [This is] the best place I've ever been."


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