Chely says the deception began when she first moved to Nashville and landed a job at Opryland theme park. While working at Opryland, Chely met openly gay men for the first time, and she says she was terrified they would discover her secret.

"I was afraid that there was some identifiable factor in me that they could pick up on that they might know that I was gay," she says.

To mask her homosexuality, Chely says she said things she now regrets. "There was a young man, a great performer by the name of Ray," she says. "Another gay boy walked up behind him and just playfully smacked him on the butt, and Ray said, 'I know you want me.' And I said: 'I wish you'd keep that out of my face. It's a sin.'"

Chely says she couldn't believe those words came out of her mouth. "I spewed the nastiest things," she says. "I'm mindful now of people who do that."


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