Joe's undercover assignment also takes him to Dallas, where he meets Igor, a delivery truck driver who immigrated from Russia years ago. Before coming to the United States, Igor was a college-educated business manager and decorated officer in the Army, but, due to the language barrier, he was forced to take entry-level jobs in the States.

Igor doesn't seem to mind, however. "I'm living the American dream now. America is the best country in the world. You guys just do not really know how blessed you are," Igor says. "I am so motivated because I am so thankful for this country, which allowed me to survive and be happy."

Joe says Igor's energy, enthusiasm and positivity are inspiring, and he's the type of man 7-Eleven wants to invest in.

Now that the truth is out about Joe's real identity, he makes Igor an offer he can't refuse. "I know you've been interested in a 7-Eleven franchise, and you were concerned about the financing. But 7-Eleven wants to waive the financing on a 7-Eleven store and [bring] part of the American dream to you," Joe says. "So Igor, here are the keys to your new 7-Eleven franchise."

Now, Igor is his own boss. "Well, that's fantastic!" he says.

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