Next, Joe switches to the early-morning shift to see why one 7-Eleven store in Shirley, New York, sells more cups of coffee than any other franchise. "I need to figure out what makes their coffee business so great so I can share it with our other stores," he says.

Joe reports to work at 5:30 a.m. and meets the secret to their success—Dolores. This coffee queen has been working at 7-Eleven for 18 years, and she knows many of the customers by name. Outside of work, Dolores is raising five kids and dealing with serious health problems. She only has one working kidney and must have dialysis twice a week. "To have a person like Dolores in there, that's why we're selling 2,500 cups of coffee," he says. "Not because we have great coffee, but because we have Dolores."

After revealing his true identity, Joe rewards Dolores' hard work by giving her a special surprise—two season tickets to the New York Yankees, her favorite team.

7-Eleven also donates $150,000 to Donate Life America, an organization that encourages organ donation, in honor of Dolores. "What I recognized is, once again, how hard our folks work. They don't ask for much," Joe says. "They're trying to support themselves, their families, and what we need to do is better support them as an organization."


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