The 7-Eleven empire spans five continents and has more than 28,000 locations worldwide. Joe DePinto is the man who oversees this billion-dollar corporation, but for his Undercover Boss covert mission, he swaps his luxurious lifestyle for a uniform and mop.

While undercover, Joe's alias is Danny Rossi. "My cover story is that I used to be in real estate, I'm out of work, and I'm looking for new opportunities," he says.

For his first assignment, Joe signs on for the night shift at one of the franchises. His co-worker, Waqas, asks him to greet customers, stock merchandise and perform the regular cleaning duties. "We have to keep these restrooms clean, four or five times a night," Waqas says.

The yawns start after a few hours on the job. "This night shift is a tough time to work," Joe says. "You're taking care of the 1,000-plus customers a day. So the challenge for me will be keeping that energy up."


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