Larry expected to get his hands dirty during his undercover assignment...but nothing could prepare him for his final job. For one day, this powerful COO teams up with Fred to clean portable toilets around town.

Before they arm themselves with hoses, Fred explains his work philosophy. "It isn't just a job—it's an adventure," he says. "I call it the battlefield of poop. I say: 'Good soldiers endure. Even if you get a little splatter on you, you're wounded but you keep going.'"

Larry gets off to a slow start. "Your productivity, as far as your speed, just a little bit faster," Fred says. "You want to do at least 15 cans within an hour."

Cleaning toilets is a far cry from corporate life, but Larry says Fred's positive attitude and fun-loving spirit made this the best job of all.

At the end of the week, Larry reveals his true identity to Sandy, Walter, Janice, Jaclyn and Fred and reflects on what he's learned from these hardworking men and women."What I took away from that was just an entirely new appreciation of what our frontline employees have to deal with each and every day and how my decisions can impact them," he says. "I thought I really had a good appreciation of what our folks deal with. I felt like I was approachable. I felt like I've engaged our employees, but this gave me an entirely different perspective."


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