For his next job, Larry tries trash collecting again, but this time, he has an entire truck to fill. On a typical day, Janice, the Waste Management trash collector training him, says she visits more than 300 homes.

While Janice likes the company and has great relationships with many of the people on her route, she tells her "trainee" that Waste Management isn't very female friendly. To prove her point, Janice shows Larry her portable toilet—a metal can she calls her "pee can."

"When you're a female out here working on the garbage truck, this is our outhouse," she says. "You obviously can't keep breaking off route all the time to go use the restroom."

At that moment, Larry says he started thinking, "Why is she peeing in a can?" Though it's not a corporate policy, Larry blames himself. "It is my failure to not have thought about that," he says. "And to say, 'We need to make sure that we have a stop on people's routes.'"

At the Waste Management offices in Fairport, New York, Larry meets his next boss, Jaclyn. Since the office is short-staffed, Jaclyn juggles many jobs, including office manager, administrative assistant, scale operator, scale supervisor, accounts payable and payroll.

"I make the same amount of money for doing dual roles or triple roles or quadruple roles," she says. "I don't even know how many."

Jaclyn gets her jobs done without complaint and tells Larry why she wants to get the most out of life. "I experienced a lot of health problems in my life. By the time I was 21, I had a total hysterectomy. I battled five forms of cancer before I was 25," she says. "I'm not the average 29-year-old girl. Someday, I'm going to run this place."


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