On the first day of his undercover assignment, Larry—aka Randy—learns that assembly line work isn't as easy as it looks.

Sandy, the Waste Management employee training Larry, instructs him to pick up trash, cardboard and recyclables off a conveyor belt and place them in the right receptacles. The only problem? Larry can't keep up with the piles of garbage, which whiz past. Within minutes, Larry says he's sweating bullets.

"I wasn't prepared at all," he says. "I work out every morning. I think I'm in pretty good shape, but that reaching and trying to visualize what's coming down the line so you know what to pick off, it was not only physically demanding, but the mental stress..."

Maybe Larry will be better at his next job—picking up litter at one of the company's landfills. Walter, his boss for the day, asks Larry to collect paper that's blowing away from the landfill and put it in a garbage bag. "Every 10 minutes, you should have a bag filled and ready to go," says Walter, who completes this task with no trouble...despite the fact that he's on dialysis for kidney problems.

Ten minutes later, Larry's bag isn't even half full. "You're not cutting the mustard," Walter says. "I'm glad you came to Waste Management to try it out, but you just don't have it."

Larry says this is the first—and hopefully last—time he's been fired from a job.


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