To get medicine and basic necessities to those who need it most, Dr. Gupta says Haiti has to put someone in charge of supply distribution. "It's somewhat appalling, actually, because so many of these supplies I'm talking about are at the airports," he says. "They've gotten into Port-au-Prince, but they're not getting distributed to places like this where it's needed most."

Dr. Gupta says there are Haitian citizens on the ground who know what's happened and where the need is greatest, but instead of gathering vital information and focusing on lifesaving efforts, security has become the top priority.

"Unless you save people's lives, unless you get them some care, the security's not going to matter," Dr. Gupta says. "And, by the way, if you increase the access to medical care, they're going to decrease security concerns. People are desperate. That's why these security concerns go up."


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