Aftershocks aren't the biggest problem facing Haiti. Dr. Gupta says this island nation is facing a medical crisis that, with the proper distribution of doctors and supplies, is preventable.

"Obviously, at the time of the initial earthquake, a lot of people died. We know that now. What is sort of important for people to realize is that a lot of people lived, as well, but barely. They have traumatic injuries, and they are dying," he says. "They're just not getting the care that they need."

Dr. Gupta says no one should die because they suffered a crushed limb or infection. "They have what are called 'preventable deaths' in the medical world," he says. "It's something that, in most hospitals around the world, could be taken care of pretty easily, but instead, they're walking the streets. They're slowly going into kidney failure. They're having heart problems."


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