When Clayton's story became national news, Sheriff Pate received letters from all over the country calling him a hero. At the time, he told a reporter, "I don't know if I'll ever accomplish anything else in my life. But even if I don't, I will always know I accomplished this."

To this day, Sheriff Pate still has the note little Clayton wrote to him over 10 years ago when he was rescued. He shows it to Clayton when they are reunited for the first time on Oprah's stage. "A few days after you were rescued, I got this in the mail," he says. "Inside is a Post-it Note that says, 'Dear Todd: You are nice. From Clayton.'"

Watch Sheriff Pate share this note with Clayton

Clayton says he never forgot the officer who saved his life. "He was a big example for me and a big role model for me when I was young," he says. "My dream is to become a police officer to help people just like me. People who can't defend themselves. Todd Pate, he had a big impact on my life."


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