When Clayton yelled for help, he says Joseph and Carmen punished him by pouring dish soap in his mouth. "They put dish soap in my mouth and just left it. They wouldn't rinse it out. I just had to endure that taste," he says. "I got a really bad rash on my neck from the dish soap. It'd run out of my mouth and they'd just leave it there while I was in the closet."

To this day, Clayton can't stand the smell of dish soap. Oldies music also triggers bad memories. "When I was screaming to get out of the closet, they'd blare it so they just drowned out my voice," he says. "They didn't want to hear me." 

Watch Clayton confront his past through photos for the first time

Clayton also remembers going hungry. "I'd tear pieces of the paper bags off the floor and try to eat them," he says.

When he was fed, Clayton says Joseph and Carmen made it as unappetizing as possible. "Anything from hot dogs to hot sauce," he says. "As much they could feed me that would be painful."


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