At first, Patti says the adjustment was difficult for Clayton. "Especially at night, he would hallucinate at times. He would be so bad that when my husband would come from another room, he would be afraid," she says. "In turn, that hurt my husband because Clayton didn't know any better. He was having an experience, and it was hard to see a child go through that."

Patti says she did everything she could to help Clayton heal. "Holding him, loving him. Getting him through the rough nights that he couldn't sleep," she says. "I just kept him close. I didn't want any harm. No more harm. I wanted him to be a boy."

Clayton says he remembers when he first moved in with Patti. "I was waiting for my mom, mostly," he says. "I was having fun playing with the other children that I never got to do. And after foster care, that kind of helped me develop to be a normal child and then just waiting to actually be settled in somewhere."


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