Despite now qualifying as one of the elder statesmen of stand-up, Chris says no topic is off limits for his comedy. "I mean, you don't want to hurt people...unless they've hurt people. But I'll talk about anything and find the angle into it," he says.

One thing that has changed is that instead of being an up-and-coming talent, Chris now gets asked for advice from younger comics. "(a) When I meet you in Detroit or Cincinnati, move. Not that there's anything wrong with those towns, but show business is in New York and Los Angeles and Oprah in Chicago," he says. "(b) You have to be a student of comedy. You have to do it because you want to do it; don't do it because you want to get famous. It's too easy to get famous. ... People think, 'Cameras should follow me because I've got a personality.' Everybody's got a personality. What is your backbone? Are you trained as an actor? Are you trained as a journalist?"

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