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Back in 1995, O.J. Simpson's murder trial was considered the "trial of the century." But on October 3, 2008, Simpson found himself in a different courtroom with a very different outcome.

Simpson was arrested in September of 2007 after allegedly storming a Las Vegas hotel room with a group of armed men with the intention of taking back footballs, personal photos and other memorabilia Simpson says was stolen from his home. Now at age 61, Simpson faces life in prison after being found guilty on charges including robbery and kidnapping with a deadly weapon. "If you're his cell mate, don't cheat on him," Chris jokes.

Thirteen has proven to be a very unlucky number for Simpson—his guilty verdict takes place 13 years to the day of his acquitted murder trial in 1995; the jury deliberated 13 hours; and the alleged crime occurred on September 13, 2007. "Didn't Jim Carrey just do that movie?" Chris jokes.