Dr. Oz

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Dr. Oz says there are simple steps you can take to counteract the negative effects of stress. First, he suggests surrounding yourself with a strong, supportive social network. "These are things that money can't buy," he says.

If you stay close to your spouse and lean on friends and family members when times get tough, Dr. Oz says you can reduce the stress-related symptoms and add years to your life. "We are incredibly well-adapted species to deal with stress," he says. "Our entire history has been about us coping with major catastrophes like this. A lot of us, unfortunately, in America today, we confuse our self-worth with our net worth. They're not the same things."

When you see your stock portfolio and tension starts to build, Dr. Oz says there are three things you should do—stretch, breath and make love.

You don't have to be a yoga master to get in a good stretch. "A lot of the basic exercises you did if you played sports in school are stretches that loosen you up, and that's where we store so much of our tension," Dr. Oz says. "That causes the headaches and the back pains that Americans are complaining of."

Three deep breaths can also help you find your center. "It's the foundation of all Eastern meditative practices," he says. "It works for people who have no money and are never going to have money, because it allows them to settle into a deeper understanding of what their real purpose is."

Finally, Dr. Oz says one of the biggest de-stressors of all is loving, monogamous sex. "Dr. Oz, I have a hard enough time having an orgasm," Ali jokes. "I'm not going to be able to if somebody's repossessing the house."