Though vanity has to be put aside when someone faces a tragedy like Charla's, she says she was never a vain person. "I was like a bag lady," she says. "I'd wear my snowsuit, my winter coat and my ski hat on my head. Every once in a while I'd get dressed up and nobody knew it was me."

Charla says she really can't be concerned with what other people think about her looks now. "I'm the one who has to like this," she says. "Not them. So it doesn't matter what they say." 

The people who love Charla know that she's the same person she always was, and she says that's the most important thing. "I just look different," she says. "Things happen in life that you can't change. It's a tragedy." 

The Nash family is suing Sandra Herold for $50 million. Though Herold had no comment regarding Oprah's interview, her lawyer issued a statement. "All of Sandy's hopes and prayers are with Charla and her daughter in this challenging time. Sandy has always tried to help Charla and wished her the best. When Charla lost her job, it was Sandy who provided her with employment and a place to live. Sandy hopes and prays for a full and speedy recovery."

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