Today Zach is at a residential school for children with mental illnesses. Laurie says she and Joe decided to enroll Zach in this school after he had been hospitalized for three months. "There was absolutely no way that he could come home," she says.

At his school, Zach has learned a technique called "White Light" for dealing with his emotions. Instead of focusing on negative energy around him, "White Light" helps Zach focus on positive things and avoid the onset of his out-of-control anger.

Watch Zach explain to Oprah how "White Light" works.

Laurie says "White Light" has helped her cope too. "I used to worry a lot and have a lot of conflicted emotions: fear, worry and anger that this is happening to me," she says. "One of the biggest things that helped me was also learning about my own energies and thoughts and learning not to worry, which is huge as a mom because you're taught to worry. It made an enormous difference because every time I worried about Zach, I was actually sending him negative energy. He could feel it when I would get angry at our situation. And I learned not to be afraid of his rages in the end, which was quite a departure."


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