After Zach's diagnosis, he was prescribed what Laurie calls "some very heavy psychotropic drugs." "We worked with a wonderful psychiatrist," she says. "But ultimately the medical community, what they had to offer was drugs."

Laurie says these powerful drugs promised to calm Zach's rage, but brought with them a new set of issues. Laurie says her son sometimes has trouble remembering and learning. "And I'm not convinced [the medications] brought calmness at all," she says.

Raising Zach has been a constant emotional struggle, Laurie says. "You feel like a horrible parent. You don't understand why this is happening in your home. I know in my heart of hearts that we were good parents and loving. And this came from outside us," she says. "But you don't want the world to know. You can't participate in everyday life. You can't go to a baseball game without wondering how he's going to be. Nothing's normal."


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