Tom, a 39-year-old who says he's a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, joins Oprah on Skype™ to thank her for bringing Gregg's story to light. Thirty years ago, when Tom's abuse began, he says this topic was never discussed.

Unlike Gregg, Tom never got married or had children because he says he's afraid to bring children into this world. For many years, Tom also felt lost.

"[For] a lot of us, I guess, [the abuse] happened when we were younger, 8 or 9 years old. ... You really don't have much in your life at that age but your family, and for some people, a relationship with God," he says. "When something like that does happen, and it's a family member, you pretty much shatter that duality of the comfort of your family and your spirituality."

Oprah tells Tom she knows what it's like to carry the shame of sexual abuse. "I know what it's like, and I also know how freeing it is to recognize you are not the only one," she says.


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