Since Oprah launched her series, two convicted child molesters have also come forward. Ken, one of the molesters, calls in to share a message with vulnerable children and parents. "Once a child molester, always a child molester," he says.

When Ken was 10 or 11 years old, he says he was groomed and subsequently molested by a man well known to his family. Now, at 48 years old, he admits that he followed the same violent pattern.

"I molested my relative, a 10-year-old girl," Ken says.

Ken says this was the only time he molested a child...but he tried unsuccessfully twice before. "I tried with two other relatives, but they didn't let me," he says. "I didn't force."

"What did they do that stopped you?" Oprah asks.

"One, when I started reaching my hand, she would block it, and I never actually got to touch her," he says. "In the back of my mind, I think that child, either somebody else had done something with her or somebody taught her well. The other relative, I tried a quick, accidentally-on-purpose touch, and I got a very negative response from that person."

Oprah says this is an important takeaway for children and parents. "No molester wants trouble. No molester wants to be identified," she says. "Train your children that, regardless of who it is, you're not supposed to be touched in a certain way, in a certain place or you're not supposed to allow that to happen to them. If they say no immediately, the molester is going to look to find somebody [else]."


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