When 14-year-old Elizabeth Smart miraculously returned home after being held captive for 9 months, her father Ed quit his job in real estate to work full time as a child safety advocate. Find the resources Ed wants all parents to know about:

The Surviving Parents Coalition
The Surviving Parents Coalition promotes legislation and education that helps prevent child sexual abuse, exploitation and abduction. The coalition is a group of parents with children who were abducted, sexually abused, recovered, murdered or are still missing.

radKIDS empowers children by teaching them to defensively resist aggression through hands-on, activity-based programs and instruction.

The Joyful Child Foundation (Samantha's PRIDE)
After Samantha Runnion's kidnapping and tragic death, her mother began The Joyful Child Foundation to unite the community and protect children from sexual abuse and abduction.

National Center for Missing and Exploited Children
The NCMEC aims to help find missing children, provide prevention education and assist the victims and families of child abduction and sexual exploitation.

You're Not Alone Pamphlet
If you are a victim of abduction, use this pamphlet written by Elizabeth Smart and other child abduction survivors to aid you in your personal journey to empowerment.
Click here to download a free PDF of "You're Not Alone"

National Child ID Program
Order your ID kit today to record the physical characteristics and fingerprints of your children in case of an emergency.

What John Ramsey Wants You to Know

Since losing his daughter JonBenet, John has made it his mission to get DNA laws changed across the country. He says every state should pass a law that requires DNA printing for anyone arrested on felony charges.

Katie's Law
Find out how parents of a kidnapped, raped and murdered young woman helped pass "Katie's Law" in New Mexico. The law requires police to record DNA information in the database for most felony arrests.

Write to your state senator and encourage them to enact the DNA fingerprint law in your state. Click here to find your senator's contact information.


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