Chicago White Sox, 2005 World Series champs

Chicago White Sox fans haven't stopped believin' in their team since the last World Series win 88 years ago. After a clean sweep of the Houston Astros, Chicago can finally celebrate once again!

Before baseball's world champions roll through town in a ticker-tape parade, they reflect on their big win and the unwavering support of diehard Chicago fans.

A.J. Pierzynski, the White Sox's catcher, compares winning the World Series to the feeling he had when his wife gave birth less than two months ago! But, don't worry, Mrs. Pierzynski…A.J. makes sure to clarify that his baby's birth was definitely a bigger deal.

Geoff Blum, who hit the game-winning homerun in the 14th inning of Game 3, says that he still hasn't fully processed their World Series win. "To make history after 88 years and be part of a game like Game 3 … it's going to take awhile for all this to sink in," he says.
Ozzie Guillen and Oprah

Team manager Ozzie Guillen says that there's no doubt about it…winning the World Series is the happiest moment of his career. And he says he's definitely not planning to retire, even though he had mentioned it earlier.

What was the key to White Sox success? Ozzie says it all comes down to teamwork.

"This bunch of guys, they did it together," Ozzie says. "[They] played together, and they stuck together all summer, and that's why they did it, I think. You put the talent on the field and you hope for the best."

Ken Williams, the organization's general manager, put this dream team together and has come to admire more than their talent.

"These guys are the most unselfish guys I've ever been around," Ken says. "And the type of guys I ultimately hope become lifelong friends."

Ken also has a message for the loyal White Sox fans out there who have been waiting decades for a reason to celebrate. "For generations and generations of White Sox fans, this is all for you," Ken says. "We were all celebrating for you guys out there."
Chicago White Sox third baseman Joe Crede

Third baseman Joe Crede says he had "a feeling" the team was close to securing the world championship after the third game, but still knew they had their work cut out for them. "It was not only physically draining," he says, "but mentally draining because it was such a close game. To come out on top and clinch [it] the way we did—what an awesome feeling it was."
Chicago White Sox left fielder Scott Podsednik

Oprah wants to know—is this left fielder Scott Podsednik's wildest dream?

"Coming on The Oprah Show or winning the World Series?" he asks with a smile. "I don't know which is more exciting!

"To get this opportunity to celebrate and, with 25 other guys, bring a World Championship back to Chicago, is indescribable."