I'd like to ask any gathered here who wish at this time to share with us your acknowledgments of Anne, and your prayers for her life in the future.

(They do.)

Now I ask those assembled here to join with me in prayers for this woman:

Dear God,
We thank you for the years gone by, and we
thank you for the years ahead.
This woman has lived, dear Lord.
She has seen the cycles of life and death.
She has rejoiced at morning and mourned its
Thus she has now gained sacred knowledge:
The power to heal through the depth of her
The power to teach through the depth of her
The power to bring forth a new and better
world through the depth of her vision.
May all now see in her, and may she see within
herself, the elder, the wise one, the one who
holds the candle of illumination for all the
world to see.
May she be honored and revered.
May her heart be as a womb to new life.
May her children's children see the power of the
ages as it is written in her eyes.
She has arrived, dear Lord.
May she be blessed.
She has come so far,
May she now know peace.
She has worked so hard,
May she now find rest.
And may a cycle now begin for her, more powerful
than any other, most glorious of all.
For she is now the fullness of human, of
woman, of God's servant and child.
Bless her always.
May she shine.

I would like to ask you all now to join with me in two minutes of silent prayer, in thanksgiving and in blessing on this woman.

(They do so.)
From Illuminata by Marianne Williamson. Copyright© 1994. Published by arrangement with Random House, Inc. Reprint permission from Riverhead Books, a division of Penguin Group.


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