Celine Dion

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For any fan, an encounter with Celine would be the ultimate Harpo Hookup—but one couple had no idea what was in store for them!

Scott wanted to profess his love to Sue, his wife and mother of four, and he thought the only way he could ever top the 30th birthday party his wife threw him was to show the world what a great mom she was with the help of The Oprah Show.

What Scott didn't know was there was another treat in store for them!

When Oprah found out that Scott's wife was a huge Celine fan, Oprah and Celine joined forces to take this hookup to the next level.

"Scott, this is wonderful what you are doing for your wife, but I got a great hookup for both you guys," Celine said. "I want to invite both of you for the opening night in Las Vegas for my new show A New Day at the Caesars Palace Colosseum. Also, after the show, I would like to invite you to my dressing room, and I would love to meet both of you!"