Celine Dion's pool

International superstar Celine Dion says she and husband René always dreamed of building a house large enough for their big extended family. Now, their palatial home in Jupiter Island, Florida, is an oasis for their children, R.C., Nelson and Eddy, René's adult children and grandkids, and Celine's 13 brothers' and sisters' families.
Celine Dion's house tour

Celine and René have two pools on their property, and they say the estate allows them to have an adventure in their own backyard. "That space, that lot, that beach, those pools are [for] when we get together as a family, everybody can have a grandiose time with each other," Celine says. "Everybody can soak in."
Waterfall and pool at Celine Dion's house

Celine says that designing this home, which includes an outdoor waterfall and waterpark, was a fun and relaxing hobby. "I buy a lot of magazines," she says. "And I have a lot of dream files [of] ... the best jewelry, the best homes, best babies, whatever."
The tree house at Celine Dion's house

This tree house was designed with Celine's 10-year-old son and her many nieces and nephews in mind.
The tennis court and basketball hoops

Celine's tennis court doubles as a basketball court.
A table on Celine Dion's property

Celine says she is happiest when her entire family—sometimes 30 or more people—is hanging around the house.
Pool on Celine Dion's property

Building the home's large pool and lazy river was a big undertaking and took a long time, Celine says.
Celine Dion's kitchen

Last Christmas, Celine says she and René hosted 30 family members for the holidays, and they say their home is all about comfort and family. Their modern kitchen is a great gathering place.
Celine Dion's kitchen

To accommodate her big family, Celine says she designed her kitchen and this living room with an open floor plan and plenty of seating.

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