Celine's 10-year-old son R.C. (short for René Charles) stood by his parents during their struggle to conceive, including six tries at in vitro fertilization. "He was an amazing trooper. Very sensitive," Celine says. "For every trial, he was with us emotionally."

Despite her struggles to get pregnant a second time, Celine says she never thought about giving up. "I was going to try until the doctor would say to me, 'You cannot try anymore,'" she says. 

Being a famous parent can be tough, Celine says, because you can't play with your children outside the home without being recognized. "I always say to the bodyguards when we go bowling, for example, 'If the fans come, don't tell them no. But ask them if they can wait because I'm having a moment with my child, and if they don’t mind waiting, I will be pleased to give them an autograph if they want,'" she says.

As a solution, Celine and René built a home in Florida where her entire extended family—including her mother, 13 siblings and René's children from a previous marriage—can visit and play in privacy. "We get together as a family, and everybody can have a grandiose time with each other and feel that we are in Disney World," she says. "It's to accommodate our type of lives, really." 

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