Oprah talks to Dara Torres.

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Dara has a perfect body and amazing strength, but Oprah says she only envies one thing. "I envy your calories," Oprah says.

When it comes to eating, Dara says she could rival even Michael Phelps' impressive intake. "I think the only reason why I want to keep swimming is so I can keep eating like that," Dara says. "I had a nice 16-ounce steak last night and dessert and potatoes and everything."

Although countless media reports made reference to Dara being the oldest swimmer in Beijing, she says it didn't phase her. "It actually made me feel young," she says. "When I'm in the water, the water doesn't know your age. So who cares how old you are, right?"

Does Dara have another Olympics in her? "I kind of want to keep going a little bit," she says. "I don't know, we have world championships. We'll see...never say never."

Regardless of whether Dara decides to take on another four years of competitive swimming, her top priority is always balancing work and home life. "I think I found a good balance with being a mom and being able to do what I love to do," she says. "All these mothers out here are my role models."