Oprah and the men's basketball team

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The Team USA™ players are all familiar faces at home and overseas. "You're in a world where people don't even speak English, but they know your names," Oprah says.

Kobe, especially, got a lot of attention from Asian fans. "It caught me off guard. The way they responded to me you'd have thought I was moon walking or something," he says. "It was fun, though. We had a blast."

Still, there was no better highlight than standing on the gold medal platform, Jason says. "It's goosebumps because it's something that we worked extremely hard [on] for three years," he says. "The final reward was the gold medal but to also hear the national anthem. It was just something we will never forget."

The "Redeem Team" wasn't the only basketball team to strike gold in Beijing. Lisa Leslie led the women's basketball team to their fourth consecutive gold medal!