With Carson's help, Liz and Vanessa now look less like Morticia and Wednesday and more like their true selves. Carson took their hair down a few notches and applied makeup subtly to enhance—not hide—their features.

"I told [Liz] this when I got to her house. I said, 'Your pictures, with all the makeup, made you look more like you were 45 than 34,'" Carson says. "I think makeup is made to enhance your features, not to cover them up. When you pile it on, that is aging."

Liz, who's dressed in a bright DKNY wrap and leopard-print belt, says her new look is freeing. "It feels so good that everybody else likes it," she says. "I didn't think everybody else would like me like this."

Before her makeunder, Carson says he called Vanessa "Gosh Spice." "She kind of looked like Posh Spice, but it was even more, 'Oh gosh,'" he says. "It was about making her look age-appropriate. A 16-year-old doesn't need all that makeup."

Now, instead of dressing like her mom, Vanessa looks her age in a printed Rebecca Taylor dress and Steve Madden patent pumps.


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