Before Carson returns to the States, he helps Dawn remove her makeup and hair extensions. Then, he lays out the ground rules. "Until I see you in Chicago, no makeup—foundation, coverup, eyeshadow, lipstick—no tanning bed, no bronzer," he says. "No extensions in your hair, and no outfits that show almost all of your boobs."

After she's learned to embrace her natural beauty, Dawn's new look is revealed. Her bleached extensions were left on the salon floor, and her real hair is cut in a flattering, layered bob. Her makeup and wardrobe are also more age-appropriate. A purple Diane von Furstenberg wrap dress shows off her figure without revealing extreme cleavage. "I feel beautiful," she says. "I feel classy."

Carson says Dawn's new look truly reflects the woman beneath all the beauty products. "When I first met her, I was like: 'Oh my God, stripper without a pole. What am I going to do?'" he says. "Then, I got to know her. She is the most wonderful mother, the kindest-hearted person. ... I think so many women who fall into these beauty addictions of overdoing the hair, overdoing the makeup are trying to layer it on. They're kind of hiding."


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