In 1960, Debbie married shoe millionaire Harry Karl. Debbie says she never asked how many millions he had because she had her own money. After 13 years, they divorced and Debbie was left flat broke. "Somehow in our marriage he lost all of his money gambling and all of my money gambling. It just disappeared," she says. "It just shattered our lives, Carrie's and ours. And that's what destroyed us the most was Harry Karl. It wasn't Elizabeth and Eddie."

Debbie says Harry was deeply in debt. "He owed $10 million. So then I got to pay that off," she says. "Everything went, homes and everything."

The government also took her salary to get back what Harry owed in taxes. "I think it's as if somebody swallowed your stomach and swallowed your heart," she says. "Everything's gone and you're emptied out."


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