Looking back, Debbie says the affair was tragic for everyone involved. "The whole thing was so sad because Elizabeth was really in deep mourning and so she really turned to Eddie in all of this need," she says. "I was young and I didn't realize that [Elizabeth] was turning to Eddie. In other words, he was Mike Todd."

Carrie says she once asked Elizabeth if she loved her father. "She said, 'We kept Mike Todd alive.' All they did was talk about Mike. And that's all she wanted," Carrie says. "Eddie was Mike's best friend. They adored this man."

Debbie says she's since forgiven Elizabeth. "I don't blame Elizabeth now—now that I have more of a brain about it," she says. "At the time it was just such a shock to me."

Find out how Debbie and Elizabeth reconciled after they ended up on the same cruise ship 


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