Carrie says it wasn't always easy to be the daughter of such a glamorous woman. "I thought I looked like a thumb," she says.

"My mother would get up in the morning as my mother and then she would go into this big closet she had," she says. "She'd go in on this end as my mom and she'd come out the other end as Debbie Reynolds. It was like a car wash for celebrities."

Even in her days as a sci-fi pin-up, Carrie says she thought she was fat. "My self-image is just whacked from having the movie star mom," she says.

Debbie says she knew growing up wasn't easy for Carrie. "When she was in grammar school, the teacher one day, she kept calling Carrie 'Debbie,'” Debbie says. "It's okay because I'm Princess Leia's mother so everywhere I go, [I say] 'I'm Princess Leia's mother' now.”


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