Rev Run and his wife Justine talk about losing a baby.

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For two years, cameras have captured every aspect of the Simmons' lives, including Rev Run and Justine's plans to have another baby. At the end of the second season of Run's House, Justine found out she was pregnant! MTV viewers got to watch as Justine told her husband and as the couple played charades with the kids to make them guess the news.

About five months into the pregnancy, doctors told Justine and Rev Run there was a problem. The baby's organs were growing outside her chest cavity. Despite this development, the couple continued to hope for a miracle.

Justine gave birth to a baby girl one month before her due date. Sadly, the baby died an hour after she was born. Cameras continued to roll as Justine and Rev Run told their children the sad news and as the family held hands and prayed.

Rev Run says he wanted MTV to keep the cameras rolling during this painful time. "My reason was we showed you all the bowling, we showed you the fun, we showed you the happiness, we told you in the cliffhanger of the second season we're having a baby…people are emotionally involved," he says. "We were going through something. You have fun with us, pray with us, mourn with us, laugh with us—it's a reality show. I'm not going to stop the reality."