Rev Run urges parents to never let go of their children.

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In a world where many people are disconnected from their children, Rev Run has important parenting advice for every family: Don't let go, even when they get older.

"That's the time where I believe you need to be involved more," Rev Run says. "This is the time when they're making the biggest decisions of their life. … This is the time when they're making career decisions. You don't back up now. When they're 17, 18, that's when they're ready to get high and act stupid. They pick the wrong boyfriend, the wrong girlfriend. So at that point, I'm right there."

Do Rev Run's children like having him this engaged in their lives? "Yeah, I do, actually. Because you can make the wrong decision and they've been through life before," Vanessa says. "Sometimes the truth might hurt or I might not want to hear that or I might not want to do that, but in the long run, it's the right [thing]."