TreShawn, Terrell and Michael say the nightmare they survived will always be a part of them, but they're grateful for their lives today. "Certain things in life now I don't take for granted—like parents who love you," TreShawn says. "You don't take people's love for granted."

All four brothers were awarded a large financial settlement in a lawsuit against the state of New Jersey. Still, TreShawn says the only thing they ever wanted doesn't cost a thing—the love of family. "My father teaches me everything I need to know as a man. He teaches me how to be a man and how to talk correct, how to never give up in school," TreShawn says. "How to make sure whenever I do something, like in sports, I give 100 percent. Not 55 percent. I go past the limit that I need to do so that people see that I'm trying to be my best."

Terrell says he loves his life today. "Living here now and having a family is freedom—freedom from starvation," he says. "What I lost during those years [at the Jackson's] is freedom and my childhood. Being able to go outside and play with my friends. Being able to go to school. Being able to say that I've been in second, third grade. Being able to say I'm smart."

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