Vanessa Jackson, the woman who inflicted so much pain and suffering, is now walking free. TreShawn says no apology could make up for what she did to him and his brothers. "She has to go through the rest of her life knowing what she did to us, and I'm not her judge," he says. "Her true judgment will come when she goes to God."

Terrell says he would only accept an apology from Vanessa if she deeply meant it. "What I would want to say to her is, 'God is watching,'" he says. "God has watched what she did, and she needs to live the rest of her life knowing that she did something to us and it was bad."

Michael hopes his story will make adults and authorities more open to listening to what kids are really trying to tell them. "I will tell her thank you for basically putting me through that, for letting God to have a chance to basically pull me out and make my life better." 

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James says he wants Vanessa to admit what she did to his sons, while Amber says she knows exactly what she'd say to Vanessa if she ever met her. "I don't see how a mother, a real mother, could actually do what has been done to my kids. How do you not give your kids food? How do you not give your kids love?" Amber says. "She was [a] monster to those kids. And the only thing I want to say to her is: 'You owe my boys an apology. And I want you to tell them you're sorry.' I want to hear that. I want to be there when she does that."


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