The family says the transition wasn't always easy. James and Amber say the boys have received a lot of counseling to help them work through the lasting effects of their experience. "When they first came, they had a lot of hate, a lot of anger," James says. "TreShawn felt as though that God had actually put him in that home to die."

The boys also had to adjust to the fact that they could eat whenever and whatever they wanted. "They looked at the food as if they were scared of it. And they would throw it up," Amber says. "They're to the point now where I can't stop them. Like, they're eating loaves of bread by the day." 

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Amber says she feels she was meant to be their mother. "I don't look at those boys as [though] I went to a courtroom and I picked those boys up. I birthed those boys," Amber says. "They're my babies." 

"They have grasped the concept that, in this house, no matter what happens, they know for a fact that Dad and Mom love me," James says. 


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