After being removed from their hellish home, TreShawn, Terrell and Michael were placed in a safe haven foster home. James Parrish, a married father of one, had been assigned by the system to act as a mentor for these boys. When the time came for the boys to be put up for adoption, James knew he had to act. "They only wanted a dad," he says. "That's all they ever wanted."

James, his wife, Amber, and then-3-year-old son, CJ, became the boys' saviors by welcoming them into their home. "The first day that I actually laid eyes on them, I literally thought they were dwarfs," she says. "When Michael came to ask me, 'Would you be my mom?' I melted like butter. Because I said after all that these kids have done, after all they've been through, they chose me."


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