TreShawn says he and his brothers went to school but were pulled out after he tried to tell his teacher he was starving. "My teacher wouldn't believe me," he says. "So eventually the Jacksons found out that I was telling the teacher, and they eventually took me out of the school and tried to home-school us."

The children say they were then locked in the house with no access to the outside world. "The home-schooling, it didn't really last that long. It lasted maybe two months," he says. "She said: 'There's no point to teaching you all. You're really not going to learn anything, so you need to start teaching yourselves.'"

If anyone came to the house, the boys say Vanessa made them hide. "When they came, she said: 'Go upstairs. These people are not here for you. They don't want to see you,'" TreShawn says. "She would call us ugly and stuff and hurry up and push us upstairs."

The only place the boys were allowed to go was church. If the Jacksons were ever asked about their children's size, they would say the boys had eating disorders. "Sometimes they actually had us wear three to four sweaters just to make ourselves look like we were big and we were healthy when we really weren't at all," TreShawn says.


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