TreShawn says the Jacksons' home was a house of horrors. "Anything you did, they would punish you for it. You [were told to] sit on the step," he says. "Out of my whole 10 years being there, you can say I spent seven years being on that step."

The boys say they never knew when they would receive their next meal. "One time, she gave me baby food because she said that I got off the steps when I wasn't supposed to," Michael says. "Another time, she gave me blended up peanut butter and jelly. She said, 'This is all you're going to eat today.'"

TreShawn says they were often fed according to how Vanessa felt at the time. "Sometimes when she did call you in there, she would give you a certain time limit. ... 'Well, you have a minute to eat all of this, and if you don't finish it, you're not going to be able to get your next meal,'" he says. "We would be rushing, just stuffing food in our mouths hoping that we could hurry up and finish and feed ourselves."


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