Vanessa and Raymond Jackson were charged with 28 counts of aggravated assault and child endangerment. Raymond died of a stroke during the investigation.

Vanessa pleaded guilty to one charge of child endangerment in exchange for a reduced sentence. She served four years of a seven-year prison term and was released in February 2010. She continues to deny she ever starved or hurt the boys, and her daughter says she has no interest in speaking to The Oprah Winfrey Show.

At the trial—nearly two years after he was found scrounging for scraps—Bruce faced Vanessa in court. He had grown more than a foot taller and gained nearly 100 pounds. "You yelled at us. You cussed at us and hit us with brooms, rulers, sticks, shoes and belt buckles. I still have the marks to prove it," he said. "You took my childhood. I will never get that back."

Since leaving the Jackson home, Bruce has lived in a 24-hour care facility. His attorney says he is safe, in the constant care of professionals and loves and misses his brothers very much.

TreShawn says if it wasn't for Bruce, none of them would be alive. "He's a hero."


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