7 Steps to Getting a Grip on Judgment
  • Start to become aware of the moments when you negatively judge yourself.
  • Strive for your own personal best instead of 100 percent perfect.
  • Open yourself up to recognizing good-mom moments. Even the small things—like spending ten minutes of one-on-one time or reading a book together—matter.
  • When you're about to judge someone or yourself, ask why you're doing it. One mom told us that she decided to say judge every time she had a judgmental thought. She was surprised at how often that was.
  • If you find yourself judging someone, try to put yourself in that mom's position and look at the issue from her perspective.
  • Let go of judgments of others on what's come to be known as "normal."
  • Make sure your support system is working for you. As one mom put it, "it's not a real moms' group unless someone's crying."


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