Katie Joel talks about meeting Billy Joel for the first time.

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In 2004, Billy's life changed forever when he married television personality and cookbook writer Katie Lee. Katie says that when she first met Billy, it wasn't the starstruck experience you'd expect. "I really thought that Billy Joel had two hits," she says. "I thought it was 'Uptown Girl' and 'Piano Man,' and that was basically it."

Katie says she met Billy while visiting New York City for a weekend. She and a friend went to the rooftop bar at The Peninsula hotel on an unseasonably warm November day. "I am coming out of the bathroom, and who do I almost bump into but him," she says. Katie says her friend asked Billy to join them for a drink, and from there they went out to dinner. "We had this great dinner, and we had pasta and white truffles, and he was really trying to impress me," she says. "I'd say it was love at first bite because we had such a good meal and we both love food, so that was what we bonded over."

Afterward, Katie says they went to see Billy's Broadway show, Movin' Out. "We go over, and he sings the last two songs of the show—jumps on stage, really laying it on thick." Unfortunately, Billy's attempts to impress Katie fell a little short. "I thought that he went over there every night and sang the last two songs of the show," she says. "I didn't know that it was for me!"